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The role of a car-mounted air purifier
Homeblog The role of a car-mounted air purifier

Car air purifier (1)

Here’s why you need a car air purifier in 2022

The air you breathe can do as much damage to your lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, shortening your lifespan and putting you at risk of chronic disease. Air pollution is already linked to millions of premature deaths every year around the world, according to the World Health Organization. It is estimated that nine out of ten people breathe polluted air.


If you live in a big city like Los Angeles, Houston, or New York, you probably spend a lot more time in the car than the national average. Also, to make matters worse, only 8% of Americans are aware that they are affected by air pollution while driving.

The reality is that with the development of the times, air pollution is getting more and more serious. When the vehicle is running, you will continuously inhale the air with bacteria, viruses, and dust. If you stay in the car for a long time, you need a car air purifier to filter the exhaust gas entering the vehicle through the air conditioning system and pollutants. Otherwise, inhaling unclean air for a long time will affect your health and even shorten your lifespan.

OLANSI as a professional purifier supplier, our car air purifier series can efficiently filter out tiny particles larger than 20 nanometers, including bacteria mold, dust, allergens, and some viruses. It does not require any energy at room temperature and can achieve dust removal (99.97%) and sterilization (99.99%). The adsorption rate of dust above 0.1 microns (smoke, partition, dust, etc.) can reach 99.97%, which has the ability to effectively kill grass fungi and also has a strong inhibitory effect on general bacteria. Our car air purifiers feature high-quality, compact designs, so you and your family will have the freedom to breathe fresh, healthy air on every journey.

Car air purifier (1)
Car air purifier (1)


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