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HEPA Fresheners Filter Purifier High Performance H13 HEPA Filters Air Purifiers with UV Light
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In recent years, China’s air purifier market is gradually moving towards segmentation, where bedroom and pet-only air purifiers are beginning to be pursued; the global air market continues to grow, with South Korea and India maintaining high growth; low-end air purifiers still account for a relatively large share of sales in the popular market. With the rapid growth of the single and pet economy, the demand for small purifiers will increase rapidly!

The concept of air purifiers is gaining popularity.

Air pollution is not only PM2.5, but also bacteria and viruses, which can cause health hazards that can’t be prevented! For example, formaldehyde, odours, pollen and other allergens in the home, second-hand smoke and odours in the office, the influenza A, bird flu, SARS and other viruses, the seemingly clean surrounding environment, but the invisible air pollution.

If you inhale polluted air for a long time, it can impair the ability of haemoglobin to transport oxygen, which can cause allergic asthma and skin diseases.
. It can also interfere with the normal biochemical reactions of the body and damage cells, causing acute coronary heart disease, memory loss, as well as headaches, chest tightness, itchy eyes, nasal congestion and tinnitus. In severe cases, it can also harm the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and nervous systems. Common symptoms include sneezing, clear watery nose, itchy eyes, ears and palate, etc.

Our A5 air purifier meets the needs of users everywhere.

The A5 has H13 HEPA + high performance modified activated carbon, 3-in-1 filter, which plays the role of high efficiency filtration. 360° ring filter, air inlet on all sides, accelerates air purification. CADR value up to 200m2/h, applicable area 18-25m2. Xx uses high performance DC motor, low power consumption + high efficiency conversion + high life. The low noise purification allows you and your family to sleep peacefully. It also has a filter replacement alert to remind you to replace the filter with a new one in time.

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